$2.3 Billion And Growing.  How the Big Players Look At Managing Their Portfolio

I thought this recording was lost forever.  This was originally aired as a live broadcast for members of the Raising Capital Academy.  The conversation was so good I forgot to hit the record button ... doh.

But who knew that Facebook creates a low resolution back up.

Through the magic and talents of an amazing editing team we are able to bring this episode out to you.

Please note; this was recorded at the beginning of the C-19 pandemic breakout.  Interesting to look back at this now and see how many of the things we talked about are now a reality.

Have you ever had aspirations of building a multi billion dollar Real Estate Portfolio?  Have you ever considered what it would take to manage a portfolio of that size?

Dave Steele from Western Wealth Capital and I go deep into the following topics

** Current (at that time) market conditions

** Transitioning management to an 'in-house' process

** Process and procedures to operate a large portfolio

** Transitioning your Real Estate from a hobby to a business

and more.  It's not often you get the opportunity to have a conversation with someone who has built a multiple billion dollar portfolio.



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Dave Steele: https://www.westernwealthcapital.com/ 

Russell Westcott- https://russellwestcott.com/ 

Raising Capital Academy- https://www.raisingcapitalacademy.com/home-page 



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