July 2, 2020 Episode 1 of this humble podcast was launched.  If you have listened to one episode or all 116 episodes (so far).  Thank you! Today's epi...View Details

Accounting and Bookkeeping Best Practices For Real Estate Investors Pt. 2 Welcome to the conclusion of this two part Podcast interview. Truthfully ans...View Details

Accounting and Bookkeeping Best Practices For Real Estate Investors Pt. 1 Welcome to a brand new expert Podcast interview. Truthfully answer this; if ...View Details

"There is no success without a pile of people making it successful." In this final interview with Dave Steele, we highlighted the importance of dev...View Details

Scaling an investment portfolio not only requires money; it also needs a lot of planning and flawless execution. To grow your real estate portfolio...View Details

The second part of this interview revolves around developing due diligence systems for your business. Mike goes over risk disclosure, how to prote...View Details

Real estate entrepreneurs are professional problem solvers. As much as you would like real estate to go off without a hitch, you still have to over...View Details

We’re closing this interview by offering independent, objective financial advice brought to you by our professional capital raiser, Justin Smith. H...View Details

When you’re a real estate investor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do all the work.   The beauty of of this business model is that yo...View Details

The key to evolving in your career and your life beyond the years of training is to ensure that you are developing your morals as a person. Persona...View Details

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