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When Crisis Strikes…

When Crisis Strikes... In Seneca's letters from a stoic, he asserts; "A setback has often cleared the way for greater prosperity. Many things have fal...View Details

This Too Shall Pass

There is a famous quote in the success bible, Think & Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill "Every Adversity, Every Failure, And Every Heartache Carries Wit...View Details

Failure Is NOT An Option

The Buck Stops With You! How To Be Accountable, And Failure is Not an Option. Very honoured to share with you, once again, one of my early mentors, Ar...View Details

May you live in live in interesting times... this quote is often attributed to both a blessing and a curse, and is an accurate reflection of our curre...View Details

No doubt, you are hyper-aware, and some serious things are going on right now! (gee thanks Captain Obvious). 😉 I imagine you are anywhere on the spect...View Details

Worries About Coronavirus? How To Play Both Defence & Offence With Your Real Estate (FYI, defence first, and defence wins championships) I’m a fir...View Details

Welcome To the Journey.  Humbled and honoured to have you onboard.  Wow, I think it has been almost three years since I committed to starting my Podca...View Details

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